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Linda Ballard Mackenzie Square

The quilt consists of 2 colors light and dar. Consider making a color change as I did?black for the light. This gives it a whole different feel. This is a dramatic quilt?a special ruler will help you to create the two different stars with strop piecing being the other component to the quilt. It's a fabulous quilt a fun one to piece. The quilt is offered in several sizes.

Spectacular Savannah Block of the Month

Spectacular Savannah Block of the Month Spectacular Savannah by Elizabeth Hartman features a menagerie of traditional Savannah animals, with a border of jungle leaves. Piece this spectacular sampler quilt highlighting iconic savanna animals including an elephant, lion, rhino, gazelle, wildebeest, hippo, giraffe, and zebra. The pattern also includes several extra projects. We?ll help you get started on your Savannah Pillow with free pillow background fabric and a free pillow form!

Featherweight Maintenance

Bring your featherweight and join Dave Trebotich from the "Twice Nice Shoppe" as he walks you through problem solving and how to service and maintain your featherweight Sewing Machine. In this 3 hour, hands-on class you will learn to inspect, adjust and lubricate your machine. You will learn how to handle thread jams and about all those amazing parts and attachments!

Mar 14
Machine Quilting
Mar 28
Collage Quilt - Hen Rietta