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Collage Quilt - Hen Rietta

Class requirements: 

Hen Rietta Pattern by Laura Heine (other patterns are acceptable, a smaller collage pattern is preferred,  please confirm with instructor, if using a different pattern)

fat 1/4 of 5-8 different cream to yellows and 1 green for the background.  (I used 6 cream + one green)

You will need small amounts of 10 - 12 different floral fabrics in blues, purples, yellows and oranges (OR whatever colors you choose).

1/8 yard blue fabric for legs and beak (If you're going to make a "Breese" chicken like mine) . 

You'll need a selection of small, medium and some large size florals 

small amounts of 2-3 different feather fabrics for the chicken body. (we can make feathers from fabric also)

1/4 yards or 2-3 lighter fabrics for the underlays on the chicken.  (these fabrics go under the cut motifs.)

1 yard pattern ease for your foundation

2-4 yards of 24"  Steam a Seam (fusible).

black sharpie pen, stiletto, pins 

Applique pressing sheet

Karen K Buckley Micro serrated scissors (blue handle)

You will not need a sewing machine for this class.  


You won't need LARGE amounts of fabrics, but it's nice to have extra flowers/feathers, etc. available, it takes LOTS of motifs to make Hen Rietta.  Also, you may want to share with others in the class!  



Apply steam a seam to the backs of your motif fabrics, if you have 1/4 yards, you might want to steam a seam one half of the 1/4 yard.  If you are using scraps, identify the flower, feather, image you want to use in your quilt and cut out a square or rectangular piece of steam a seam a bit larger than the image, then steam a seam on the back of the image.  

To apply steam a seam to the back of your fabric, cut the steam a seam to the proper size, peel the paper off one side, then lay the steam a seam on the BACK of the fabric.  Press with hot iron, NO STEAM.  

If you need assistance with Steam a Seam, come by the shop, we would love to help you! 

You don't need to prewash your fabric.   (you can if you want)  


Once the fabric has steam a seam on the back.   You can begin to cut your flowers, feathers, images out before class.  (This process takes some time).  Please pre-cut LOTS of flowers/feathers before class!  Cut double what you think you will need.   These flowers get used up fast!  

Cutting tips:  

You don’t ALWAYS have to cut right on the line…  maybe you want to include a little of the background for a spot of color!   It is good to cut out detail.  For example, cut in and out of the the flower petals.  This adds interest and depth to your project.  It also helps with layering and design.  

Use only the micro-serrated scissors to cut out motifs, this helps reduce fraying.

We are always happy to help you pick out fabrics. 
Please come see me at the shop or call if you have questions or need help prior to class!  

Instructor Name:
Lisa McKissick
Instructor Bio:
Lisa McKissick

Collage Quilt - Hen Rietta

$ 40.00